[dev] using OTRS with mailing lists

David Podolsky dwp-otrsdev at fourloop.com
Fri Sep 23 10:17:42 CEST 2005

Sorry, new to the list, and I bet this feature has been discussed 
before, but I have to agree that this would be a great addition.

I understand the dynamics of the problem which are:
1. Since OTRS does not/can not reside on your mail server it can't 
intercept all email messages. The only message is can check are 
ones it has the POP account for.

-This could be solved by always making the ReplyTo Address your OTRS POP 
email address. Then when you reply, the system already
 intercepts the message, adds it to the database for tracking, and then 
reroutes it to the customer. This could all be accomplished through
easy subject text parsing by OTRS.

Would require some work, but I defiantly see this as the biggest lacking 

Now if we want to go a step further with feature requests for email 
reply and filed under "wouldn't that be cool".
Would be the ability to not only reply to an ticket but also modify a 
ticket's status via email. Example:

Dear Sir,
 I fixed your ticket and this is now closed.

 >>> OTRS<<<
[x] Mark This Ticket Closed
[ ] Mark this Ticket Pending
[ ] Re assign ticket owner [ ]

-So now when the email goes out. OTRS parses the body looking for the 
"OTRS" section. Update the DB based on what it finds, strips the OTRS 
from the body
of the email and sends it to the customer. Some benefits of this would 
be that you wouldn't always have to have access to webadmin of the 
machine to modify/reply
to a ticket.

Just some feedback/thoughts after using your great product for about 1 
year now.


Justin Swanhart wrote:

> I want to use OTRS as an internal ticket tracking system.
> We use mailing lists internally that I want to generate tickets on.  
> The problem is, replies can be sent to the list.  I would like these 
> replies to be appended to the OTRS ticket automatically..
> Is this something that OTRS would do?  If not, what level of effort 
> would be required to modify it to support these requirements?

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