[itsm] Postgres and ITSM

Andrey Feldman afeldman at alt-lan.ru
Tue Nov 20 16:29:49 GMT 2007

Trying to install OTRS+ITSM on postgres 7.4 . And i got following errors:
1. When installing any package of ITSM in syslog - "No such package 
2. When installing packages - some of them try to insert into 
general_catalog dublicates -
Like that: OTRS-CGI-10[12039]: 
[Error][Kernel::System::Package::PackageInstall][Line:601]: ERROR:  
duplicate key violates unique constraint 
"general_catalog_general_catalog_class_key" , SQL: 'INSERT INTO 
general_catalog (general_catalog_class, name, valid_id, create_time, 
create_by, change_time, change_by)     VALUES     ('ITSM::Core::Impact', 
'5 very high', 1, '2007-11-20 15:50:29', 1, '2007-11-20 15:50:29', 1)'

3. When trying to add service , got error:
[Error][Kernel::System::Service::ServiceAdd][Line:393]: ERROR:  column 
"type_id" of relation "service" does not exist , SQL: 'INSERT INTO 
service (name, valid_id, comments, create_time, create_by, change_time, 
change_by, type_id, criticality_id) VALUES ('Mobicont', 1, '', 
current_timestamp, 2, current_timestamp, 2, 47, 15)'
There is no such column "type_id", name of existing column is "id".

And the questions. What i'm doing wrong? Or this is known errors? :)


Best regards ,
Andrey Feldman

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