[itsm] stupid newbie question ( to be discarded !)

Philippe de LUSSY philippe.delussy at e-qual.fr
Wed Sep 12 18:52:58 GMT 2007

It was really a stupid question : I forgot to reload the apache server !!!!

please discard

sorry for the noise



being a newbie, I will certainlt ask a stupid question
As a service provider we are evaluating oTRS +ISTM , whihc , at least 
on paper, seems to fullfill our requirements ( replacement of an old 
ticketing system , non ITIL)

         but starting to play with it, I encounter difficulties to do 
some customisation:   for exempal, I try to re-activate the Free Text 
field in the ticket view,
                 ( menu has disappear following the ISTM installation) .

In order to do so , I have re-activated
         * Ticket::Frontend::MenuModule###310-FreeText
         * Frontend::Module###AgentTicketFreeText

in TicketITSMTicket.xml

Then relogin in OTRS but without visible result ( the menu bar still 
do not display the "FreeField" item, and stay with the "ITSM Field" 
itme ( which is normal , by the way )

SO the dumb question, is how to have the application to take in 
account these changes.

I though the xml files were parsed at each connection to OTRS ?

Thanks in advance

Best regards


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