[itsm] Setting up Config Items

Raphael Matter matterr at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 30 06:20:09 GMT 2008


setting up config items shouldn't be a problem. In the topmenu of the 
backend you have the icon for "config item". when you click it, you are 
in config item mode and there will be a new icon (a yellow star) to add 
new config items to the groups. If you don't see an icon for "Config 
Item" in your top menu, you probably haven't configured the permissions. 
Go to the admin area, chosse "users <-> groups" and make sure your user 
is in the itsm groups.
if you search the mailinglist, you will find a thread with the same 
problem ("[itsm] config item" from April, 7th.)

i hope this helps,
best regards, raphael

Wes Sothard schrieb:
> Hey Everyone,
>     I am trying to figure out how to setup config items.  Under the 
> admin section I am only given the ability to configure the 4 basic 
> groups.  How do I add items to the groups? (By groups I mean: 
> Computer, Hardware, Network, and Software.)
> Thank you,
> Wes Sothard
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