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Steven Carr s.j.carr at khipu-networks.com
Fri Feb 15 19:22:08 GMT 2008

In the Admin section you can either use the Postmaster filter to create
a filter to set X-OTRS-Headers on incoming email to move them to a
specific queue - or (the easier way if you just want everything in one
queue) is in the POP3 Account settings set the "Dispatching:" value to
"Dispatching by selected queue", and then select the queue you want the
tickets to be put in from the "Queue" field.


Wes Sothard wrote:
> I am stuck on trying to receive an email and have it automatically 
> generate a ticket.  I then want it to be auto routed to a specific 
> queue.  I am not able to find the how to in the manual, so I am here.
> Can someone help me out on this?
> Thank you all in advance for any help,
> Wes Sothard

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