[itsm] Configitem type URL/LINK feature?

it-news (Josef Lahmer) it-news at gugler.at
Thu Jul 31 09:30:54 GMT 2008

dear list,

my idea is to add links in config-items (management-websites, fileserver-links, ...)

realize maybe in that way:

change in "config item class" where i an use a user defined type like url or href:

structure maybe:
        Key => 'mgmtif',
        Name => 'management-Sitelink',
        Searchable => 1,
        Input => {
            Type => 'href', 
            Size => 50,
            MaxLength => 50,

another idea is to mark the text for "NON PARSING"  (input type='html') that i can insert html-text in den fields.

do you have any ideas how can i make this thing working?

regars from austria

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