[itsm] Apache error logs.

Joshua McDowell jmcdowell at issisolutions.com
Fri Oct 24 16:17:26 GMT 2008

Fri Oct 24 10:44:39 2008] [error] [client] [Fri Oct 24 10:44:39 2008] customer.pl: Use of uninitialized value in substitution (s///) at (eval 19) line 23., referer: http://ip.ad.dd.yy/otrs/customer.pl

 Has anyone ever seen this error?
 I caught this in the Apache error logs, I have yet to see a log from OTRS.. :/

Joshua McDowell

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  Subject: [itsm] ITSM looping notifiers..

   Just curious if anyone else has had any issues with looping notifiers?
    In a nutshell this is what is happening.

   I setup a generic agent to move certain tickets to certain owners based on the queue that the ticket was created in.  This work perfect, and runs every 10 minutes.
  There is a side effect, if I allow a comment to be added to the notification, it sets a notification of it's own, claiming it's from the customer and sends out a notifier of it's own and adds a comment.  That sets off the other notifier again, and the process starts over again and keeps going until I put a stop to it by shutting off notifications.

   Anyone else have this problem?  I would think this would be considered a bug.

   Joshua McDowell


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