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Klaus Bruno bruno.klaus at infotrust.ch
Thu Aug 6 07:19:55 GMT 2009

Hi alone

It is (at least for me) more kindly if you sign your message at least
with your name...

OTRS does not include SMS gateway. But there are many solutions around
for that and OTRS is open enough to integrate them.

What do you mean exactly with "able to send email to yahoo, msm and
google"? What is special with these email clients? You can send email to
any domain using smtp and either your own mailserver or your provider.
OTRS uses email capabilities of the system it is installed. If you can
send email from this host already, OTRS can send emails too.

kind regards,

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Hi all
1. Does OTRS able to notifify the email ticket via SMS
2. Does OTRS able to send email notification to yahoo mail, msn mail and
google mail ?
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