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Kristin Ekornes Strøm Kristin.Ekornes.Strom at visma.com
Mon Nov 9 14:58:23 GMT 2009



I'm still working on OTRS::ITSM and have added quite a few Services and linked them to CI's - so far so goodJ


I am wondering if it's possible to hide some services from the customer view and still be able to view the service from agent view?

I've tried to use different service types, but it seems to have no effect. 


To illustrate: We've got a service under "Datacenter services" called "hardware", this is an "internal" service, and only agents in the users group (not customer user) should view this service. Still, they should be able to link the service to any customer when creating a new ticket and choosing a customer user (so it is a default service). I've tried to set the type of the service to Back End, IT Operational, Other etc to see if this hides the service from the customer user, but it still shows in the customer view drop-down when registering a new ticket. 


Can service types be used for this purpose?

Does anybody have a solution on how to get around this?


Thank you in advance!





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