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On 05.08.2010, at 06:02, Yasir Mughal wrote:

> I have extended the class, the question is how to see more than four
> fields or fields of over choice in the config item? Please let me know
> if my question is still not clear.
> 1) Add a class in General Catalog (existing are computer, etc) (done)
> 2) Add definition in Config z Item (done)
> 3) Add Config Item itself using new button (Done)
> 4) Click on overview
> So How to see more than more fields?

This is not possible.

The standard fields Number, Name, Deployment State, Incident State and Last Changed are stored in the separated table and those details are the only ones which are on EVERY CI.

Currently there is only one generic CI Overview layout which is used for displaying CI’s independently of the selected CI Class. It might be in a next version, that we have a separated View for each class created dynamically, but currently this would require some development.

How else would you handle this? What would you expect to be displayed for search results based on other classes?

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