[itsm] Strange error (or lack thereof) in adding Config Items.

Audun Einangen audun at hammerfest.kommune.no
Tue Jul 20 11:41:37 GMT 2010

Hi again.


Apache logs doesn't say anything.  Normal entry in access_log, and nothing at all in error_log. 


Besides, we only see this problem on that particular page of OTRS (http://<server>/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentITSMConfigItemAdd <http://%3cserver%3e/otrs/index.pl?Action=AgentITSMConfigItemAdd> ).  Seems to be working perfectly in other parts of the system, which tells me it probably has nothing to do with Perl or Apache.


I suspect the cause is the CiCS extension that we have installed, although I am not really sure at this point.  






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Have you seen your apache logs? Please check this thread http://forums.otrs.org/viewtopic.php?f=81&t=4501 and this bug report http://bugs.otrs.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5338 

Leonardo Certuche

On 20 July 2010 02:59, Audun Einangen <audun at hammerfest.kommune.no> wrote:



I am working on setting up an OTRS installation here.  Currently, I am doing testing to see if everything works as expected.  There are a few quirks that I probably will get around by myself, but there is one I just can't seem to work out.


Whenever I og to "Config Item", and try to create a new one, my browser tries to download an empty file named index.pl.  Everything else seems OK, I even have a couple of config items in the database, as they were entered before an upgrade that probably broke this function.


Versions I use, include:

OTRS 2.4.7

ITSM 2.0.3

CiCS 3.1.6

CiCS-ITSM 2.1.6


They were all upgraded yesterday, but I am not entirely sure when this problem started.


Now, I suspect the upgrade to have caused the problem.  Since this is not a production environment, I suppose I could reinstall ITSM and other modules, but I am actually more interested in finding the cause or a solution without reinstalling the modules, so I can avoid or fix the problem at a later stage, should it resurface.


Any good ideas?



Audun Einangen



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