[itsm] Help !!! Relationship - CI - Service - SLA

Anton Gubar'kov anton.gubarkov at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 09:00:25 GMT 2010

Hello, Leonardo. I assume that you try to create a new ticket in the 
customer interface (/otrs/customer.pl) and would like to indicate the 
service the ticket is about.

Before you can choose the service, you need to fill in the Ticket type 
and Queue (called To:  in the customer new ticket screen). When these 2 
fields are filled, the system looks up the available services using the 
links you defined in Customer<->Services in Sysconfig. If you have 
services that apply to all your customers, you can indicate them as 
Default services in Customer<->Services.

If your Queue list is empty, then you most probably have an 
authorization issue for queues. You need to assign customer users to the 
groups that give rw access to the queues you want your customers to post 
tickets to.

Once the Service is selected, the system looks up the available SLA 
linked to the customer and service and prepares the list for you to 
choose from.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,
Anton Gubarkov.

26.03.2010 6:03, Leonardo Matarazzo - INFRA-TI writes:
> Hi Gurus,
> We are configuring OTRS in our company. We needs help. How we can set 
> up de type of ticket. Ex:
> New Ticket -> Printer Problem ...
> How can we configure Printer Problem in the frontend that open the 
> tickets...How our users can select the "Printer Problem" in the ticket ?
> We are reading about Service / SLA .....and we know that have a TYPE 
> do Ticket....but this is appropriate to incident, problem, change....
> We can tried to set up Services <-> Customers....but no success.
> I thing we have any permission problem....
> Regards.,
> logo_tempo_assist
> *Leonardo Matarazzo*
> Infraestrutura TI*
> *Al.Tocantins, 525 - Térreo - Alphaville
> 06455-020 - Barueri - SP
> Fone: 55 11 3336-8589 / 55 11 7524.7996
> www.tempoassist.com.br
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