[itsm] how to link CIs to attachments ?

Alexander Halle ahalle-otrs at radprax.de
Thu May 6 13:12:31 GMT 2010

Nils Leideck - ITSM wrote:
> in some cases this is well done with a link to a CI related FAQ article.
> There is just the permission concept from ITSM 2.0 left which does allow 
> granular access on a per CI-clase base ...
> Therefor be careful which docs are uploaded.

Hi Nils,

thanks for the suggestion :)

This workaround would be possible, but annoying to use, since you 
wouldn't be able to limit you search in AgentLinkObject to just these 
FAQs without another workaround like a special keyword in title or so.

If the dropdown box would show FAQ categories like CI classes it would 
be easy.



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