[itsm] how to update ITSM 2.0.3 to ITSM 2.1.1 ?

Nils Leideck - ITSM nils.leideck at leidex.net
Wed Nov 3 08:45:15 GMT 2010

Hi Alexander,

There are INSTALL files on the FTP server:


This directory also includes a file called INSTALL-2.1.ITSM where we also have an UPGRADE section.

Cheers, Nils

On 03.11.2010, at 01:26, Alexander Halle wrote:

> can someone please give me a hint how to update from ITSM 2.0.3 to ITSM 2.1.1 ?
> Sorry, I can't find any postings about this and the readme only mentions upgrades from older versions. Perhaps it's too easy and I just don't see it :(
> Do I have to install GeneralCatalog and ITSMCore with the package manager by pointing it to the downloaded OPMs and then I will have update links for the other modules ?
> Or do I have to add a new package source to get update links for all packages including GenerealCatalog and ITSMCore ?
> Or something completly different ?

Nils Leideck
Senior Consultant
http://webint.cryptonode.de / a Fractal project

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