[itsm] how to clear CMDB ?

Loic Baron loic.baron at cnrs-dir.fr
Tue Aug 2 08:32:26 GMT 2011


i'd like to know how to clear the CMDB from all the computers that i 
have imported during a test.

All these tables are related to configitems

  * Afficher configitem
  * Afficher configitem_counter
  * Afficher configitem_definition
  * Afficher configitem_history
  * Afficher configitem_history_type
  * Afficher configitem_version

I think *configitem_history_type* is needed by default.

But can i delete the others ?

Thanks for your help
BARON Loïc (01 44 96 49 46)
loic.baron at cnrs-dir.fr <mailto:loic.baron at cnrs-dir.fr>
CNRS - Délégation Paris Michel Ange
SSI (Service des Systèmes d'Information)
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