[itsm] PostMaster::PreFilterModule###1-Match

Marco Vannini marco.vannini at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 09:56:06 GMT 2011

Hi there,

It's a long time that I'm not present on the list so I would like to say
hello to everyone ... :D

As second issue ... I'm trying to use the PostMaster::PreFilterModule that
is currently working for a rule like:

Module                   Kernel::System::PostMaster::Filter::Match
StopAfterMatch       0

Match =>

    From               MicrosoftExchange.*@xxx.it


   X-OTRS-Ignore          yes

now I'm wondering how to add a new additional matching From on the match
clause because it seams that OTRS-ITSM 3.0.5 doesn't want me to do it :D

I mean. If I press the plus sing under the Match it show me another empty
field that I fillup with a new FROM but, ASA I press update it revert to
the previous one...

It's a my error or i should open a bug ?

Thank you in advance.

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