[itsm] OTRS 3.0.10 Filter Ticket Type

Nils Leideck nils.leideck at leidex.net
Thu Oct 6 16:34:42 GMT 2011

Dear Daniel,

how did you try to solve it with ACL?

On 06.10.2011, at 18:08, DANIEL D'AGOSTINO wrote:

> Hi, we are migrating to 3.0.10 and we are trying to filter ticket types depending on the users permission on particular groups.
> For example we hae the groups A, B y C, and the ticket types a, b y c.
> We want when the users are in the phone creation form, if the user belongs to the group A, only can choose the ticket type a or b, not c.
> And if the user blongs to the group C only can choose the ticket types b and c, not a.
> I couldn't find any way via ACL.
> Is it posiblle? any suggestions?

-- Cheers, Nils

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