[itsm] Email Tickets related to last case for a CI

Alvaro Cordero alvaro at gridshield.net
Mon Nov 26 14:51:37 GMT 2012

Hello Everybody.

We have migrated our Servicedesk to OTRS 3.11 about a month ago.

We are using the module System Monitoring.

Everything was working as expected with few adjustments, but starting this
weekend our system started to not create new tickets but instead adding all
the new emails to the last ticket that was linked to the corresponding CIs.

We also started to see problems into the logs with write permissions into
the /opt/otrs/var/tmp/* directory when trying to set the dynamic field
values among others.

We ran SetPermissions and nothing changed, finally we had to manually

We have done some tests and managed to have the system creating new tickets
into, but it allways get related to the last one for that CI.

Your help will be apreciated.


Alvaro Cordero Retana
Consultor de Tecnologias
Gridshield Monitoreo de Redes e
2258-5757 ext 123
alvaro at gridshield.net
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