[itsm] QueueView showing All Tickets on the system after upgrade to OTRS 3.1

Alvaro Cordero alvaro at gridshield.net
Wed Nov 28 22:34:40 GMT 2012

Hello Guys, we recently did a migration of our OTRS system from 2.4 to

In 2.4 we used to see only new tickets in queue view, but since migration
we are seeing all tickets on the system even closed tickets. Also for some
agents the tickets are no being unlocked after closed. That didn't happen
in previous version.

I have looked into configuration and I don't seem to find how to make it to
work as desired.

Any help wil be apreciated.


Alvaro Cordero Retana
Consultor de Tecnologias
Gridshield Monitoreo de Redes e
2258-5757 ext 123
alvaro at gridshield.net
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