[itsm] question about recipients from escalation notifications

Leonardo Certuche leonardo.certuche at itconsultores.com.co
Mon Oct 31 16:49:06 UTC 2016

Hello there,

I remember in older versions of OTRS, Escalation notification recipients
were governed by any of the following two text-based configurations:

# notify all agents who selected the queue in "my queues/custom queues"
Module => 'Kernel::System::GenericAgent::NotifyAgentGroupOfCustomQueue',
# notify all agents who can access the ticket with rw permissions
Module =>

Now it seems like the GenericAgent has nothing to do with this and instead
there is the following path:


But it does not allow to define who will be the recipients of the
escalation notification.

Does anyone know where can this be set in OTRS 5?


Leonardo Certuche
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