Antw: Re: [otrs-de] Problem beim Ausf ühren von

Nora Bernhard n.bernhard at
Die Jan 11 08:40:43 CET 2005

Hallo Matthias,

> */10* * * * $HOME/bin/ >> /dev/null

Versuch mal */10 * * * * [...]
und achte hier--^ auf das Leerzeichen! 

> > > "/var/www/localhost/var/tmp/otrs-cron-tmp.16692":10: bad minute
Die Fehlermeldung deutet darauf hin, dass ihm das hier ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
nicht schmeckt ...


Nora Bernhard
Systems Administrator - Linux

I think it's a little fantastic to try to form a picture in people's 
minds of the Debian archive administration team huddled over their 
terminals, their faces lit only by a CRT with a little root shell 
prompt and the command 
"/project/org/" all keyed 
in and ready to go, their fingers poised over the enter key, a sweat of 
lustful anticipated beading on their upper lips."
		-- Branden Robinson in 
		   <20031104211846.GK13131 at> discussing 
		   his draft Social Contract amendment
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