[otrs] Customer ID and name

Martin Edenhofer <EMAIL-PROTECTED>
Mon, 23 Sep 2002 16:33:12 +0200

Hi Ralph,

On Mon, Sep 23, 2002 at 03:17:41PM +0200, Ralph M?ller wrote:

> exactly that information I was searching for. Now things became clearer to
> me. 
> By the way, would it be possible to use the X-OTRS Headers to pass arbitrary
> customer related data to the system, for example phone-number and so on. If
> yes, what is to do to see these information in the ticket-view?

You can do this with "X-OTRS-TicketKey", "X-OTRS-TicketValue", "X-OTRS-ArticleKey"
and "X-OTRS-ArticleValue".

X-OTRS-Ticket -=> Tags to a ticket.
 Maybe contract id, contract name, product name, product-code, ...

X-OTRS-Article -=> Tags to an article.
 Maybe infos about the sender, used mail agent, ...

How? -=> http://lists.otrs.org/pipermail/otrs/2002-September/000261.html

Of course you have to write your own procmail rules to generate your
X-OTRS-TicketKey1 and X-OTRS-TicketValue1 headers. And your own cmd 
programs to do some lookups in an external database.

IMO I would use an html link for customer infos like phone-number, fax-number,

I mean, set just the CustomerID (via procmail, external lookup and X-OTRS-CustomerNo)
and add an html link (Kernel/Output/HTML/Standard/TicketView.dtl and
Kernel/Output/HTML/Standard/TicketZoom.dtl) to an external html-customer-db frontend. 

So you have always the current address of your customer.

> By 
> Ralph


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