[otrs] Moved ticket not showing in queue

Tyler Hepworth TylerH at natr.com
Sat Apr 3 13:42:57 CEST 2004

Robert Kehl wrote:
> On Saturday, April 03, 2004 6:35 AM
> Tyler Hepworth <TylerH at natr.com> wrote:
>> Earlier, I posted that queues were not showing in Queue View except
>> for Personal and Raw.  So, I decided to move a ticket into the Raw
>> queue from the General Queue.  The ticket count in Raw does not
>> increase and when I click on the Raw queue, the ticket is not there.
>> I can still access the ticket by clicking on "locked tickets".  When
>> I look at the ticket it states that it is part of the Raw queue, but
>> it does not show.
> Ah, now it's clear. Locked tickets do not appear in the
> QueueView, only unlocked do. Unlock the ticket and it's there.
> hth,
> Robert Kehl

That did the trick, thank you.  Still trying to understand the system.
Playing with everything I can think of to see how the application reacts to
being on SQL server instead of MySQL.


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