[otrs] Moving from DB to FS

Patrik Forsberg patrik.forsberg at dataphone.net
Tue Aug 17 10:54:36 CEST 2004


I'm facing a problem I belive alot of people have probably aready asked
asked about.. but I cant find any docs about it.

Our database for OTRS has grown over its limits and I now need to change
the way it handles attachments.. and from reading the docs its simple
enough.. just change
$Self->{TicketStorageModule} =
$Self->{TicketStorageModule} =
and you're good to go.... but.. after reading the Default.pm file it
# (where attachments and co is stored - switch from fs -> db possible
# but not from db -> fs - old attachments are not shown)
and this worries me.. I ofcourse need to see my old attachments aswell
as the new once.. even after switching to FS based.
Is it possible to "move" attachments from the DB to FS ? This would also
shrink the DB quite alot.

If there are docs out there about this.. please point me there and hit
me.. but otherwise if anyone have any idea.. please respond!


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