[otrs] CustomerUser

Matthias Eichler me-lists at kernzeit.com
Wed Aug 25 15:01:23 CEST 2004

Dear List,

I want to use the Customer-Feature of OTRS, so our Agents
can search through the Customer-Data and do not have to
enter everything manually.

Now I have come to an conceptional problem:
- The "From"-Field should be the customer person who is
  reporting in, because all the communication is done via
  this field.
- We have a customer-email address for each customer with
  customername at kernzeit.com which is used for internal
  mail-archive-processing and should be used here, too!
- The person who is reporting the problem and with who we
  are communicating in this case may _not_ be the customer.
  In 90% of all cases our customer is a company for which
  the "From"-person is working for...

Is anybody out there with such a conceptional problem?
How did you solved this?!?



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