[otrs] Problem with loosing emails

Martin Edenhofer me at otrs.de
Thu Aug 26 16:24:12 CEST 2004

Hi Iustin,

On Tue, Aug 24, 2004 at 11:42:57AM +0300, Iustin Pop wrote:
> I have a (seldom) problem with loosing emails which should be inserted
> by PostMaster. I believe the problem is that the database (Postgresql)
> is using UTF-8 encoding and I think that the email contained an invalid
> UTF-8 character/sequence. I got this in the postgres log:
> 2004-08-24 10:19:04 [31899] ERROR:  invalid byte sequence for encoding "UNICODE": 0xe26e26
> Most probably, the PostMaster inserts but does not check the result.
> Now i have two questions:
>       * what does PostMaster.pl do when it can't insert the message in
>         the database? It just drops it?

If you use procmail, the not insert message will be spooled.
If you use PostMaster.pl directly from e. g. /etc/aliases, then
the message get lost.

> Thanks for any help,
> Iustin Pop

  Martin Edenhofer

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