[otrs] OTRS 1.2 Beta 1 notes/comments

Covert, Jake jake.covert at eds.com
Fri Jan 23 08:30:56 CET 2004

Couple of notes / questions / suggestions so far:

1) The image mask on the FAQ button (from Admin interface) needs to be
worked on.

2) The word "end" in the customer interface needs to be capitalized like the
rest of the links.

3) Would it be possible to bake in an Admin preference that can limit the
statistics displayed for clarity?

3.5) When you click on a statistics graph, it displays the same graph in its
own window.  Is it possible to have mkStats.pl generate a normal and a large
graph, and then have the default action display the larger graph when
clicked?  Kind of like zooming in...

4) Reports.  Any chance reports development is for along enough to include?

1) I think it would help the customers if in the FAQ area, there was a
section for the admins to list the top 10 (for some such number) FAQs.  Then
if not listed, they could use the search function underneath that.

2)  How does one (as a technician) add a FAQ?  Is this only done via the
Admin interface?

Jake Covert
Infrastructure Analyst
Electronic Data Systems
Process and Systems Integration Center Support Group
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Subject: [announce] OTRS 1.2 Beta 1 (South Beach) Released

The OTRS Team is pleased to announce the release of OTRS 1.2 Beta 1. 

This is the first "beta" version of the new OTRS 1.2.  

Major Changes:
* new FAQ/Support/Knowlage database 
   (with agent, customer and public interface)
* new "single sign on" (pre-authentication) feature to auth modules
   (now we do have the following default mdoules: DB, LDAP and
* new PostMaster(POP3).pl filter options like procmail
   (configurable over Kernel/Config.pm)
* new agent interface notifications modules layer/feature 
   (show agent notifications in agent interface, it's possible to write 
   your own modules e. g. for escalation infos like: Ticket 123 needs to be 
   answerd within the next 2 hours)
* new ticket permission modules layer/feature 
   (so you can write your own permission concept)
* new UTF-8 support 
   (for frontend and backend)
* new internationalization of agent notification messages
   (configurable over admin interface)
* new SAPDB support (experimental)
* new Oracle support (experimental)
* new translations 
  (new we have Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, English, 
   Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and
* improved screen handling 
  (back, next window, last window, ...) 
* improved html themes
* improved ticket permission options 
   (ro, rw, move, create, ...)
* improved ticket free text feature
   (in ticket search and phone view - max. 8 Keys and 8 Values)
* improved ticket search
   (with more ticket properties and time options)
* improved GenericAgent
   (with more options for search and set properties)
* improved TicketStorageModule
   (now it's possible to switch from one to the other backend on the fly)

(details: http://cvs.otrs.org/cvsweb.cgi/otrs/CHANGES?rev=1.106)

    ftp://ftp.otrs.org/pub/otrs/ (Germany/Hamburg)
    ftp://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/misc/otrs/ (Germany/Göttingen)
    ftp://ftp.samurai.com/pub/otrs/ (Canada/Toronto)

 (a full list of all download mirrors (ftp/http/rsync) is available at 

MD5 message digest (128-bit) checksums
43118a5144f29b78bd8e97050fba7809  ./RPMS/suse/7.3/otrs-1.2.0-beta1.i386.rpm
42647e67cbeff7b4410ab25ec7b614c0  ./RPMS/suse/8.x/otrs-1.2.0-beta1.i386.rpm
e37b0d3d3651551cc22213f3bc9e42ce  ./RPMS/suse/9.x/otrs-1.2.0-beta1.i386.rpm
7437868ec1cad19ac4fe638497e3fc78  ./SRPMS/suse/7.3/otrs-1.2.0-beta1.src.rpm
236880e0bb3e8695733b9d9a9f44fe36  ./SRPMS/suse/8.x/otrs-1.2.0-beta1.src.rpm
1eb1b96db71b564db071fa92b88e1e2c  ./SRPMS/suse/9.x/otrs-1.2.0-beta1.src.rpm
20c8680535a1f8aa0cedcad1ea7eca22  ./otrs-1.2.0-beta1.tar.gz
ff2aa49ad598d5fcd07522fe6463947c  ./otrs-1.2.0-beta1.tar.bz2

For those folks who are using OTRS 1.1 and want to upgrade to 1.2 
please read the UPGRADING and INSTALL files.

Online Documentation:

    http://bugs.otrs.org/ (Thanks!)

We appreciate your help with the development of OTRS. :-)

Have a lot of fun!


((otrs.de)) :: OTRS GmbH :: Norsk-Data-Str. 1 :: 61352 Bad Homburg
        http://www.otrs.de/ :: Manage your communication! 

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