[otrs] Making Customers Only able to Send tickets to certainq ueue's

Tyler Hepworth TylerH at natr.com
Sun Jun 6 10:43:46 CEST 2004

Jesse wrote:
> Jeff Griffiths wrote:
>> That's a queue permissions thing, I thought it was initially
>> confusing as well. Just put the rest of of your queues as 'admin'
>> with only the 'submission' queue as 'users'.
>> cheers, JeffG
>> Jesse wrote:
>>> I want to make it so that when when a customer creates a new ticket
>>> they can only post to a certain queue. right now I'm doing testing
>>> on a future ticket system and when I goto post with a user they can
>>> send a ticket to all the queue's. 
>>> thanks
>>> marshall

> Are you saying that you want me to make the group admin on the "Junk"
> "Misc" "Postmaster" and "Raw" queues? I did this and they can still
> see each of the queues when creating a ticket. 

Much easier than all that.  Add the following to Config.pm

#(If this is in use, "just this selection is valid" for the CustomMessage.)
$Self->{CustomerPanelOwnSelection} = { 
     QueueID => String
    '1' => 'First Queue!',
    '2' => 'Second Queue!',

Define the queues that you want the customer to see in the web panel.  Those
will be the only ones available.


Tyler Hepworth

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