[otrs] OTRS needs IRC

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Mon Jun 7 15:19:19 CEST 2004

Actually, I wish to make a different point about IRC.
I really would like to have an IRC client "bolted" onto OTRS so that I can 
offer and capture support via IRC to the customer.
Sometimes IRC would be fater than email, and better than phone - especially 
if allied to remote control of clients machine.
Just my 5c worth


>From: Stefan Berder <sbe at oleane.net>
>Reply-To: "User questions and discussions about OTRS." <otrs at otrs.org>
>To: "User questions and discussions about OTRS." <otrs at otrs.org>
>Subject: Re: [otrs] OTRS needs IRC
>Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2004 11:02:10 +0200
>On Mon, 07 Jun 2004 02:06:22 +0200
>Robert Kehl <robert.kehl at otrs.de> wrote:
> > Am Mo, den 07.06.2004 schrieb Jesse um 1:04:
> > > Do you guys have an IRC channel? If so that would be a great
> > > addition for support and info on OTRS.
> >
> > Our support line is fully outlined here:
> > http://www.otrs.de/supprt/
>                      ^^^^^^-- support ? ::p
>What I understand is that he wants the same kinda support as the
>mailing-list. What I could suggest is to open an otrs chan on freenode
>as it's the irc network I know that has the most opensource activity.
>Website: http://www.freenode.org/
>irc servers: http://www.freenode.org/irc_servers.shtml
>I think peepz here can join for now
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