[otrs] CRLF in Notifications Forms Breaks Zoom Link

Robert Kehl robert.kehl at otrs.de
Thu Mar 11 01:56:22 CET 2004

On Friday, March 05, 2004 10:34 PM
L. Mark Stone <LMStone at rnome.com> wrote:
> We have OTRS 1.2 send out notifications to agents whenever a new
> ticket is generated.
> The notification has a web link to zoom directly to the ticket.
> But, OTRS formats the link with a space between the domain and the web
> page, which makes the link not work.
> I looked at the notifications forms and saw that there is a CRLF
> between the domain variable and the ticket variable.
> I removed the CRLF from the English notification forms and now all
> seems fine.
> This wasn't an issue in 1.1x BTW.

Sorry, could you give an exakt (ie. quoted) example, as I wasn't able to
reproduce this bug but would very much like to change it for the next
release if it were one.

Thanks fór providing the information and your help with this, it is very
much appreciated,

Robert Kehl

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