[otrs] OTRS as an internal help desk system

Erol YILDIZ erol at kemerkoy.k12.tr
Fri Oct 8 02:10:44 CEST 2004

Thanks for the reply. I have a LDAP server running on SuSE which has the
authentication information and its has postfix configured to use LDAP, =) I
will make OTRS make the customer authentication over LDAP and  create the
agent accounts myself over mysql and it will be ready to use.. =))

> Anybody tried to use OTRS as an internal helpdesk system for a whole
> company?

Can't say I have..

> I mean for example if someone from accounting dep.
> has a request
> from IT dep. he send his request throug the web interface of OTRS, if
> someone from human resources dep. requests something from
> another department
> he sends a request from OTRS etc.
> Even if nobody uses OTRS for this aim, is it logical to use
> OTRS this kind?

Aculy sounds very logic.. only need that has to be met in the OTRS
system is that the users or in this case Agents have a email-address.
You could setup the different departments as customer-groups I suppose ?
Ether way.. yes.. sounds like a good idea!


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