[otrs] Where to Change Notification Text

Daniel Balan dbalan at bitdefender.com
Mon Oct 25 18:34:09 CEST 2004

Ugrade to 1.3.2, there is a Notification section in Admin area where you can
change the notifcation text.


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> Hi,
> I've 1.3.1 running quite fine, except a few points:
> Searched a while but cannot find the point where to change the
Notification Texts
> ?
> In the Documentation it says "The notification text can be defined in
> Kernel/Config.pm." but i cannot find a section where to do this in my
Config.pm ?
> Furthermore I think it would be better to do the CustomerZoom in the
> "ClosedSuccessful" Notifications on customer.pl, not on index.pl, isn't it
> anyone who can help me out in this point ?
> greets
> Franz

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