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Mark Croonen mark at xrar.com
Tue Jun 21 23:03:00 CEST 2005

Hi Rick,

> My question is - where does this data come from
If you mean the database it comes from the ticket table.

> Is it all coming from a single table and can I just add the name of
> the field in?
Well sort of, all the information is referenced from the ticket table but
the actual labels may come from other tables. The field you want is

Well this is my understanding of it and this is how I calculate resolution
times. Firstly I pull information directly from the database using sql
because that's what I'm comfortable with but the method below probably works
just as well. I pull the following fields 'create_time' 'change_time' and '
ticket_state_id' where it equals 2 (closed successful) or 3 (Closed
unsuccessful) (I think). Remember there is no real close time as the ticket
is never really closed its state is merely changed to 2 or 3 and if a ticket
has a state of 2 or 3 logically the last change date must be the "closed
date". Sounds a bit convoluted but I hope it makes sense

Well that how I calculate my response times and hope its right otherwise I
have a lot reports that need to be redone :-)


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> Hi Everyone -
> In Config.pm, you can add this data to control what CSV data will be
> exported from the search function in OTRS.
>     # Ticket::Frontend::SearchCSVData
>     # (used csv data)
>     $Self->{'Ticket::Frontend::SearchCSVData'} =
> 'TicketNumber','Age','Created','State','Priority','Queue','Lock','Owner','
> Us
> erFirstname','UserLastname','CustomerID','CustomerName','From','Subject','
> Ac
> countedTime','TicketFreeKey1','TicketFreeText1','TicketFreeKey2','TicketFr
> ee
> Text2','TicketFreeKey3','TicketFreeText3','TicketFreeKey4','TicketFreeText
> 4'
> ,'TicketFreeKey5','TicketFreeText5','TicketFreeKey6','TicketFreeText6','Ti
> ck
> etFreeKey7','TicketFreeText7','TicketFreeKey8','TicketFreeText8','ArticleT
> re
> e',''];
> My question is - where does this data come from and can I get the ticket's
> close date as well, so I can calculate the time to close - or resolution
> time? Is it all coming from a single table and can I just add the name of
> the field in?
> Please advise, and thanks for your help.
> Kind Regards,
> Rick Cogley
> Tokyo
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