[otrs] MD5 digest:BAD Expected error

Delshawn Colcloughly delshawn at pcti.tec.nj.us
Fri Sep 2 14:35:21 CEST 2005

I am trying to install otrs-2.0.2-01.i386.rpm on a RH9 box running
inside Virtual Server 2003

Everytime I try to run the rpm I receive an error message stating


"error: otrs-2.0.2-01.i386.rpm: MD5 digest: BAD
Expected(464cc2af78e8fab2172b50a9245aa3cd) !=

 error: otrs-2.0.2-01.i386.rpm cannot be installed"


using Digest-MD5-2.33


what can I do about this?Please help



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