[otrs] otrs forum/wiki

Vådahl Thomas thomas.vadahl at nte.no
Tue Sep 20 11:08:43 CEST 2005

> > I wholeheartedly agree. Something that would have some robust 
> > searching capability would be nice, especially if it is easy to use. 
> > Why not use the FAQ module within OTRS? Would it suit the needs of the community?
> There is a FAQ up at http://faq.otrs.org/ which I think is using the OTRS engine, 
> but it's not open for submissions from the wild.
> I'd be happy to host a support/FAQ wiki. I don't see the value in a web discussion
> forum -- that need is met by these mailing lists.

I undoubtly think a forum is much better than a mailing-list. First, the threads are kept organized no matter what. Second, the search capabilities are much better. Third, the threshold for joining a forum is much lower that joining a mailing-list. In my opinion, forums supersedes mailing-lists.

I'd be happy to host an OTRS forum, but as others have said before; this forum must be official. If the OTRS team agrees, we could just add forum.otrs.org as a DNS entry pointing to whatever server the forum is hosted on. I serve a couple of forums today on our linux servers, and have long experience with several types of forum software.

Kind regards,
Thomas Vådahl

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