[otrs] mod_perl config problem

Knut Haugen knut.haugen at linpro.no
Mon Feb 20 13:05:12 CET 2006


I have installed a version of OTRS 2.0.4-1 on a Debian Sarge box,
running Apache 2.0.55-5 using the apache2-mpm-prefork version and 
libapache2-mod-perl2 1.999.21-1. 

The installation works fine running as CGI, but when I tried the
mod_perl setup, using the supplied scripts
apache2-httpd-new.include.conf and apache2-perl-startup.pl, just
changing paths, things break in spectacular ways. 

To problems occurr: First, on login, I get a re-direct loop (that
firefox interrupts) and login doesn't seem to work. In the database,
21 sessions are created and the cookie has the session id of the
latest one (and the cookie works fine). I can bypass this and enter
the url for an action, and I get the correct page, but now, every link
I click just reload the same page. 

This is clearly a mod_perl issue (i experienced similar tendencies
before), but I can't seem to find the setting to tweak. Any
suggestions? Are there any known issues regarding the mod_perl setup files?

        Knut Haugen
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web: http://www.linpro.no/                      +47 21544100
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