[otrs] Clarification required about Internal Note, External Note and Note Report

Alexander Scholler alexander.scholler at augsburg.de
Tue Jul 11 16:01:46 CEST 2006


Prafulla Kumar H.S. schrieb:
> Hi,
> 1. While closing a call there is an option for selecting Internal Note,
> External Note and Report.  I am not able understand exactly how to make
> use of this functionality.  I request some to tell me about the
> difference between each one of them.

1a) all articles (notes, mails, phonecalls, ...) are of one article-type 
like note-internal, note-external, note-report

All article-types that contain "int" can't be seen within the 

1b) Note-report could for example be used to document things that should 
be used for alter statistical looks on OTRS-data. Note that Note-report 
can be viewed within the customer-webgui.

> 2. After closing a ticket, is it possible to send the contents recorded
> in "text area" of closing ticket menu to requester, agent and queue
> owner.

2a) Just compose a mail to the customer with state closed instead of 
closing the ticket though the close-note.
2b) The agents himself closes the ticket - why should he sent his 
writting to himself?
2c) What do you mean with "queue owner"?

> Regards,
> Prafulla Kumar

Bye, Alex

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