[otrs] How to RE-POPULATE $QData{} fields in Customer.pl form after failed validation?

s taylor staylor00 at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 13 19:38:31 CEST 2006


How can I RE-POPULATE the $QData{} fields in Customer.pl form after failed 

I think I found where the $QData{} data is referenced for the template:  
Kernel/Output/HTML/Generic in Output().

To begin, I created a new variable in 'CustomerInterface.pm':
my %Reload_Params = %GetParams;

This works fine in recalling all of the user's inputs.

Now, I'd like to somewhere define something like, '%QData = %Reload_Params' 
in order for the form to reload the Customer.pl form with the customer's 
input, but I'm not sure where or how, especially since they are in 2 
different packages.  This statement, of course, generates an error because 
'%Reload_Params' needs a package reference.

Should the 'tie' statement be used? If so, where?  Should another method be 

Since I've added more fields to the 'Customer.pl' form, it's a turnoff if 
there is a form validation error and the customer has to re-input all of the 

Thanks in advance.

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