[otrs] Ticket view - Flat rather than threade

Alexander Scholler alexander.scholler at augsburg.de
Fri Jun 30 08:02:03 CEST 2006


Des Quinn schrieb:
> Hi,
> In 1.3 when I was viewing tickets in the Agent view all the responses were 
> in a Flat view as opposed to the Threaded view that you get with v2. Is 
> there a parameter that can be changed so that I can have this behaviour 
> again. When I zoom in on a ticket I want to be able to read all the content 
> on that ticket in one long page rather than clicking on all the entries. I 


> know I cant get the print layout but it keeps asking me for  a printer to 
> print to :(

I searched for the Javascript-print-command and disabled it within the 
sourcecode. The feature of disabling the print dialog via sysconfig 
would be nice for further versions of OTRS.

> appreciate any help
> Regards
> Des Quinn
> Equinox Consulting
> www.equinox-consulting.co.uk

Bye, Alex

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