[otrs] Obligatory field / MIME types for attachments

Elias Probst mail at eliasprobst.eu
Wed Apr 25 10:58:43 GMT 2007


currently I'm facing two problems in otrs-2.1.7:

1. I'd like to define the "Time units (work units)" field, when editing a 
ticket/note as an obligatory field, so that you're forced entering a value in 
this field.
If possible, I'd like to be able restricting this to specific queues or 
Any ideas how this could be done?

2. When adding attachments (i.e. Cisco Configuration dump, GnuPG Public Key 
file) to a ticket, the attachment isn't added. Instead, "*invalid" is 
displayed. How can I disable the MIME check completely? I think I don't need 
this feature at all.

Thank you!

Regards, Elias P.
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