[otrs] Re: Ticket states and state machine [RFC ?]

leon.is.here at gmail.com leon.is.here at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 00:56:24 GMT 2007

more than 3 years later - I am interested in the ticketing state machine.
I am preparing the presentation for the management and need to explain
the possible tickets states and transitions between them.
I am pretty sure somebody did it already (I am an optimist), can I ask
you to share what you've done with the mailing list?

Thanks in advance,
-- Leon

On Thursday, May 13, 2004 12:44 PM
Patrick Hofmann <Patrick.Hofmann at terreActive.ch> wrote:
> We work since almost two months with OTRS, currently in the internal
> pilot phase.
> One of the bigger issues is the (missing) 'state machine' for tickets.

You're describing a mechanism we call 'Workflow'. We're in the process
thinking about developing such a functionality, but don't expect a
solution soon. Contact sales at otrs.de for more information on this issue.


Robert Kehl

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