[otrs] Request/Idea: Archive mail in OTRS from Thunderbird /Other pluggable mail client

Nils Breunese (Lemonbit) nils at lemonbit.nl
Sat Sep 22 02:42:29 GMT 2007

LQ Marshall wrote:

>> Nils Breunese (Lemonbit) wrote:
>>> When I have something sitting in my inbox that really should be
>>> sitting in OTRS I just forward the message to OTRS.
>> The From (and other) information in OTRS gets wrong info with
>> this solution. When you answer the thicket you have to change To:
> I resend the message change the TO to the OTSR. This maintains the  
> FROM but
> you loose the correct header information.

Then make sure you use a mail client that supports redirecting  
messages. Mine (Apple Mail) does and apparently there is an extension  
for Thunderbird that does this. I'm sure there are other mail clients  
that support this.


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