[otrs] Upgrade 1.3 -> 2.2

Gilles Massen gilles.massen at restena.lu
Tue Sep 25 11:24:11 GMT 2007

Hello Franz,

Thanks for your reply (and sorry for the late follow-up).

> We run OTRS since the 1.3.x Series, upgraded to 2.0.4 and now to 2.2.1
> recently. We are running with the same DB holding the Tickets ever
> since and are happy with this.
> The only thing you have to asure is to execute EVERY DB Upgrade Skript
> since your actual Version:

That's good to know, and fairly reassuring. How did you manage the config 
files? Did you keep them from one version to the other, did you diff them, or 
drop them alltogether?

Best regards,

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