[otrs] Subversion integration

Sándor Fehér sfeher at bluesystem.hu
Wed Sep 26 09:13:59 GMT 2007

Andy Lubel írta:
> Have you tried:
> Trac + Subversion
No, but I had a look onto Trac. I need not another SCM but I would like
to intergate subversion and otrs.
Scmbug is a great stuff but has no otrs module. (Maybe I could write one
if I would have time :().
If svn commit messages would be displayed in a ticket message it will
make me satisfied at all.

Regards., Sandor
> -Andy
> On 9/25/07 7:20 AM, "Sándor Fehér" <sfeher at bluesystem.hu> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm wondering if anybody has experience in connection with integration
>> otrs and subversion or other version control system.
>> In the past I succesfully integrated svn+scmbug+mantis  but I decided to
>> use otrs instead :-) .
>> I was very good to enter the bug number (ticket nr or something) in
>> tortoisesvn and see the affected files by the commit in mantis.
>> Now I'm looking for the same functionalty in otrs.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Sandor

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