[otrs] MYSQL slows/crashes for large ticket base.

aleem bagwan aleem_hescorp at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 11 15:14:10 GMT 2008


Hi all,


While searching tickets from search module of otrs, it takes hell lotta time to give results...finally ending up with 

"Internal Server error". 


Pullin the SQL script that lists distinct tickets, from code, and running it directly in MYSQL client also takes hell lot of 

time, processing going into loop.

I looked at the count of following huge tables..ticket,ticket_history, article...all shows records > 500000+. Deleting 

200000+ rows does bring things back to normal.


Searching on various MYSQL related forums i did get a clue that mysql cannot handle joins of huge tables, as is the case with 



Is there anyway out of this situation. Please Suggest.





Aleem B.

--- On Wed, 11/6/08, gian schoeman <gian.schoeman at vordel.com> wrote:

> From: gian schoeman <gian.schoeman at vordel.com>
> Subject: [otrs] A few questions
> To: otrs at otrs.org
> Date: Wednesday, 11 June, 2008, 9:19 AM
> Hi
> I have been testing out OTRS and want to know if you can
> view closed
> tickets, or open tickets that was assigned to a specific
> queue and has been
> closed for example. When I look at the agent interface I
> can only see
> options to view the queues that have messages in a
> live/open state. Is it
> not possible to view queues which do not currently have
> live messages, but
> might contain closed cases etc?
>  I also want to know if it is possible to reset the Full
> Qualified System
> name that you need to enter when going through the
> configuration pages after
> you have finished doing so. I do not really want to
> reinstall.
> Thank you,
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