[otrs] Multiple addresses per queue

gen at gentube.com gen at gentube.com
Tue May 13 15:52:32 GMT 2008

Quoting Marco Vannini <marco.vannini at gmail.com>:

> Assuming that your host is a *nix and you could set up a fake dns to
> resolve an mx record that point at the machine itself (or disable mx
> checking in otrs) and that you use sendmail on it, you could create a
> distributionlist at localhost.localdomain then, modifing your
> /etc/aliases file, create a:
> distributionlist: name1,name2,name3
> and then a newaliases.
> Then you could use distributionlist at localhost.localdomain as email address.
> Obviuosly, if you manage you mail server you could do that all on it  
> directly...
> Hope it was clear...
> Cheers.
> MV
> On Tue, May 13, 2008 at 4:40 PM,  <gen at gentube.com> wrote:
>> How do I add a multiple email addresses to a queue?

Thanks for the reply. I'm sorry that I wasn't more clear. I already  
have something like what you described set up.

What I need is multiple system addresses for a single queue. User Joe  
has 3 aliases that all point to the mailbox that otrs checks, but only  
one of those aliases is associated with Joe's otrs queue -- mail to  
his other two aliases end up in the general queue. Is it possible to  
do what I need?

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