[otrs] Customer users

Klaus Bruno bruno.klaus at infotrust.ch
Mon May 26 10:52:59 GMT 2008

Hi Yann

I tested this feature some months ago during evaluation of OTRS for our company.
I enabled it at the beginning and had no problems with it.
Because we dont need this feature, it is not implemented in our productive environment so I cannot assist you any further.


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Hi Bruno,

I'am trying to do the same as Jamie, I've read the admin_book at chapter 
you mentioned.

I managed to have the new field to put several CustomerIDs, in the 
customer interface I see tickets from others but I cannot  open them,  
permission denied.

In the Logs in the admin interface I got " Permission denied because 
module (Kernel::System::Ticket::CustomerPermission::CustomerUserIDCheck) 
is required (UserID: xxx 'ro' on TicketID: 2)!

How can I open them now that I can see them ?



Klaus Bruno a écrit :
> Hi Jamie
> Read the excellent Manual (available online or on your system
> otrs/doc/manual/[de|en]/pdf/otrs_admin_book.pdf)
> at chapter 11.2.[1|2].1 you will find what you desire
> regards,
> Bruno
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> Does anyone know if its possible to have a customer user see tickets
> from multiple customers. Basically see all tickets through teh customer
> interface?
> Thanks,
> Jamie
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