[otrs] Deleting 'Customer User's from OTRS 1.2.3 who have left the organisation

Varsani, Rajendrakumar (PSD) Rajendrakumar.Varsani at psd.hse.gsi.gov.uk
Thu May 29 10:42:46 GMT 2008

Hi folks,

Other systems fail and need maintenance but OTRS keeps going! Thank you
OTRS team!

Small query. Having added several Customer Users to OTRS in the
Admin-Area, I now need to delete some of the old people who have left. I
can see that I can 'Add' and I can 'Change'. But how do I delete?

Thank you in advance

Rajendrakumar Varsani BSc (Hons)
Information Technology Branch
Pesticides Safety Directorate
Room 134, Mallard House, Kings Pool,
3 Peasholme Green, York, UK, Y01 7PX
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Mobile: (Orange) 07968 243125
Email:  rajendrakumar.varsani at psd.hse.gsi.gov.uk 



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