[otrs] Remove Ticket ID from subject?

Michiel Beijen mb at otrs.org
Thu Nov 12 10:00:49 GMT 2009

Hi Luis,

You might be glad to find that we've just implemented this very feature.

See this snippet from CHANGES:

 - (2009/11/11) Added feature/config option (Ticket::SubjectFormat) for
     o 'Left'  means '[TicketHook#:12345] Some Subject',
     o 'Right' means 'Some Subject [TicketHook#:12345]',
     o 'None'  means 'Some Subject' (without any ticket number ins subject).

    In the last case you should enable PostmasterFollowupSearchInRaw or
    PostmasterFollowUpSearchInReferences to recognize followups based on
    headers and/or body.
    Wrote also unit tests to take care of functionality.

Basically, it means that in the next upcoming non-minor version of OTRS
you'll find this feature.

If you'd want to implement it in your current OTRS, look through the CVS
repository for the changes made to Ticket.pm and Ticket.xml and apply them
to your system, or contact enjoy at otrs.com to have it done commercially.

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On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 12:28 AM, Nils Leideck - ITSM <
nils.leideck at leidex.net> wrote:

> you can search in references as well ...
> Am 09.11.2009 um 13:59 schrieb Luís Gomes:
> Hey all, is it possible to don't display the ticket id on the e-mails
> subject?
> I've tried removing it but all replies will then open new tickets instead
> of beeing associated with the original ticket.
> Isn't it possible to define the ticket ID on a mail header or something?
> Nils Leideck
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