[otrs] alpha 3 availability

Martin Edenhofer martin at otrs.org
Fri Jun 25 10:05:49 GMT 2010

Hi Marek,

OTRS is open source. And all the source code is public available.

Just take CVS head. This is the current OTRS 3 stage. :)


On 25.06.2010, at 11:02, marekhall at poczta.onet.pl wrote:

> Hi,
> I just saw very impressive demo of OTRS 3 available on otrs.org main page. They mention there about availability
> of alpha 3 on cvs. I went there, but the last branch is 2.5. Have you tried to get alpha 3? Maybe I missed something
> or it is not yet shared?
> Thanks in advance for your help
> Marek
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